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Samantha Parker

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Samantha Parker

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About Us


We believe that the world needs more women ready to embrace their rising badassery within. Women no longer need to settle for what society expects of us and we are no longer fitting into the box. We have dreams, visions and an impact that we are here to make on the world.

We do not have to change ourselves in the process. We can do it right now, right as we are.

We are Badassery Magazine.

A global community of women living unapologetic lives. We hold space for empowered women who are empowering those around them. We honor collaboration over competition and believe that we rise higher and more powerful as a whole.

Badassery by definition means- “Engaging in seemingly impossible activities and achieving success in a manner which renders all onlookers completely awestruck”.

Badassery is a lifestyle. A way of growing and being in alignment with your true purpose. We live our Badassery daily by showing up and carving out our own versions of success and what that means to us.

Your hopes and dreams are not impossible. You can achieve anything when we do it together. You are not alone. Come and join us on our mission as we build a community full of badass women.

Do you feel the Badassery rising?

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